2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.
2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.

Board of Directors

The Association Board of Directors consists of 7 unit owners elected by the owners at the annual meeting, usually held in December.  The term for each Board member is two years.  In odd years (for example, 2013, 2015) three members are elected to the Board.  In even years (for example, 2014, 2016) four members are elected to the Board.  Once elected, the Board chooses its own officers from among the Board members.


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Steve Leven
Term: 2023-2024
Beatrice Tripps
Vice President
Term: 2023-2024
Gary Brager
Term: 2022-2023
John Abosch
Term: 2023-2024
Sandy Benney
Term: 2023-20224
Jerry Mondell
Term: 2022-2023
Sam Taylor
Term 2023-2023

Board Staff

Mordy Weimer
Property Manager
Mordy is our Property Manager at Tidewater Property Management.
Ashlee Miller
Administrative Assistant
Ashlee is the Administrative Assistant to Mordy at Tidewater Property Management.

Latest Updates

11/26/23 - December 2023 Newsletter added to the Owners / Newsletters-Social page.

11/26/23 - Board Meeting Minutes and Agendas added to the Owners / Board Agendas/Minutes page.

6/5/23 - Sam Taylor added to Board of Directors listing.

4/2/23 - Contractors List has been updated on the Owners / Events page.

10/2/22 - Resolution on entry Code Procedures for Resdients and Realtors added to  Owners / ByLaws page.

7/17/22 - Updated Rule on Use of 3rd Floor Lobbies added to  Owners / ByLaws page.

4/20/22 - April 2022 Bldg Ops Newsletter added to the Owners / Newsletters-Bldg Ops page.

3/14/22 - Updated Move In/Out and Delivery Policies added to the Owners / ByLaws page.

1/26/22 - Directory of Residents has been updated, and a downloadable/printable PDF version has been linked.

12/17/21 - Schedule of 2022 meetings added to the Owners / Minutes page.

12/17/21 - FINAL Minutes of the December 17 2020  Annual Meeting, posted on the Owners / Minutes page.

8/3/21 - Downloads: Forms and Docs  added to the Owners section.

5/2/17 - Resolution on Pet Requirements being controlled by the Master Governing Documents posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

5/3/16 - Policy on Collections Procedure posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

2/8/16 - Rule on 5mph speed limit in the garages posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

5/6/15 - Slides for "Wonderful Waterfowl of Quarry Lake" presentation by Steve Mickletz of the Irvine Nature Center posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

3/3/15 - First Amendment to Bylaws posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

10/30/14 - Slides for "Your Aging Brain:  Myths and Realities" presentation by Dr. Myron Miller posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

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