2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.
2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.


We have a number of committees that provide valuable services to our residents.  Our committees are an opportunity for you to get involved in an activity that benefits our community and in which you have an interest or expertise.  This is a great way to pick the part of the organization that is right up your alley.


If you are interested in working in one of these committees, please contact the chairman or any of the Board members.
Finance Committee
This committee reviews the Association's finances, income and expenditures, budget, and conntracts. The Treasurer is the committee chairman.

Chairman:  John Abosch  jabosch@2700-2800.org  410-486-5008

Social Committee
This committee works on all of the social events that we have, including making all the arrangements, providing refreshments, and publicity.

Chairman:  Sandy Benney  sandybenney123@gmail.com  410-653-0111


Good and Welfare Committee

Good and Welfare is responsible for making sure all residents are notified of life events within the community, both good and bad.  Births, special anniversaries, as well as unfortunate situations are noted and appropriate actions are taken.

Chairman:  Toby Leven  tobyleven@yahoo.com  410-484-0143


Building Operations Committee

Chairman:  Hollis Jackson, hollis1818@comcast.net, 443-544-7577

Chariman Emeritus and Founder:  Norm  Benney


Landscaping Committee


Interior Design/Decorating Committee

Chairman:  Linda Mondell, lhmondell@gmail.com, 410-486-1542


Architectural Committee

The Architectural Committee is responsible for approving or disapproving requests for additions or changes that are visible from outside your unit.  Any proposed changes that are visible from outside your unit, either from the interior hallway or from the outside of the building, must be submitted to and approved by the Architectural Committee before implementation, according to the bylaws.



Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is charged with making sure that candidates for the open Board positions are nominated, and that all nomination, election, and meeting notice procedures conform to the requirements of the By-Laws.  The Nominating Committee Chairman is selected by the Board no later than the October meeting, and the chairman then selects the committee, with the Board's approval.

Chairman:  Myron Miller (2021), myrmiller1@verizon.net


Latest Updates

12/27/21 -January 2022 Newsletter added to the Ownners / Newsletters page.

12/17/21 - Schedule of 2022 meetings added to the Owners / Minutes page.

8/31/21 - Contractors List has been updated on the Owners / Events page.

8/3/21 - Downloads: Forms and Docs  added to the Owners section.

12/12/20 - FINAL Minutes of the December 11 2019  Annual Meeting, posted on the Owners / Minutes page.

12/12/20 - 2021 meetings listed on the Owners / Minutes page, and Board of Directors and Officers updated on the About Us page.

7/13/17 - Rule on Use of 3rd Floor Lobbies posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

5/2/17 - Resolution on Pet Requirements being controlled by the Master Governing Documents posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

5/3/16 - Policy on Collections Procedure posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

2/8/16 - Rule on 5mph speed limit in the garages posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

5/6/15 - Slides for "Wonderful Waterfowl of Quarry Lake" presentation by Steve Mickletz of the Irvine Nature Center posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

3/3/15 - First Amendment to Bylaws posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

10/30/14 - Slides for "Your Aging Brain:  Myths and Realities" presentation by Dr. Myron Miller posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

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