2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.
2700/2800 Stone Cliff Condominium Association, Inc.

Owners/Residents Information Section

Privileged Information

The information in this section is ONLY for Owners and Residents of Condo Units at 2700 and 2800 Stone Cliff Drive, Baltimore, Maryland.  This is considered Privileged Information, and is not to be provided to anyone who is not an owner or resident without the express permission of the Board of Directors.


Click the links in the menu at the left for the information for Owners/Residents.  You will be required to enter your password at that time.

How to Obtain the Required Password

A password is required for access to the pages and information in this section.  To obtain a password, please email password@2700-2800.org.  Please provide your:

  • Full Name
  • Address (building number and unit number)
  • Email address so the password can be emailed to you.
  • If you are not an owner or resident, the reason why you are requesting access to this area.



Latest Updates

12/4/17 - Picture of Miranda Bushey, Mordy's assistant, posted on the About Us / Board of Directors page.

12/1/17 - December Social Committee Newsletter posted on the Owners / Newsletters page.

11/26/17 - Minutes of the November 6 Board Meeting and Agenda for the December 4 Board meeting posted on the Owners / Minutes page.

10/31/17 - List of Restaurant Specials added to the Owners / Events page.

10/19/17 - Nomination Info for Board Positions (Call for Nominations and Nomination Form) posted on Owners / Nomination Info page.

8/24/17 - List of recommended contractors updated on the Owners / Events page.

8/2/17 - Link to County Waste Management Newsletter posted on Owners / Events page.

7/13/17 - Rule on Use of 3rd Floor Lobbies posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

5/2/17 - Resolution on Pet Requirements being controlled by the Master Governing Documents posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

5/3/16 - Policy on Collections Procedure posted on the Owners / ByLaws page.

2/8/16 - Rule on 5mph speed limit in the garages posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

5/6/15 - Slides for "Wonderful Waterfowl of Quarry Lake" presentation by Steve Mickletz of the Irvine Nature Center posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

3/3/15 - First Amendment to Bylaws posted on the Owners / Bylaws page.

10/30/14 - Slides for "Your Aging Brain:  Myths and Realities" presentation by Dr. Myron Miller posted on the Owners / A Look Back page.

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